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26 May 2007 @ 11:11 am
Your Original Foundation(s)...  

New Topic! Woohoo!

Alright, let's do this thing, man..

So, to better know the other members, which at this point there are only two, haha, where did your vampiric/third-eye seeing existence root from?

Be as detailed as you like, because I'm definitely going to be the same. =]


My response:

In the early ages of my physical existence, there was always this constant feeling of separation from that of the humans that surrounded my life.

(I was the kid who always wanted to play pretend along the lines of ghosts, witches, haunted houses, and weird shit like that.)

I was never sure why I felt so distant from that of the people that surrounded me, but I found out later on of course, exactly why it was that I felt this way.

Along the years when I began to mature a little more, I was already looking into the paths of wicca and modern witchcraft because I was merely curious, and I always wanted to become apart of something mystical, even though I wasn't exactly sure why and I really didn't care, I felt that I needed to experience something different.. I wanted to know more than what was Religion and God since I was raised Baptist hypocritical within my family roots.

I looked into subjects of spells, black and white magic, astral projection, hypnotism, spiritual contact, and other things..
They all fascinated me and I would even put my curiosity into physical testing, because I merely wanted a new experience. I "blindly" wanted more and I was just waiting for something amazing to happen to me.
Whether it be by spells, demonic spirits, or contacting the far-off dead, I wanted something.. And I only grew hungrier..

Around the age of 16, I had finally been introduced to a path that I had never heard of before and this path was taught by a great vampiric temple known as The Temple of The Vampire. (Some of you may spat at this one)

Might I note that the person who introduced me to this path was my cousin by marriage, Jamie.

With learning about this great temple and the teachings they offered through their vampiric bibles, some of the information that had just been told to me by Jamie were for some reason, making sense. Even if at the time I didn't understand the lot of it, it made sense. For some reason. =]

The foundations were enough to get me started, and as time passed, I put their teachings to use by testing them in my everyday life, thus beginning my vampiric transformation.

By the age of seventeen, I experienced what I thought to be the "most amazing experience I ever had and that could only be understood if personally felt."
This experience was of course, my first energy transfer. And this transfer definitely occured for a reason, and was aided by my ex boyfriend who, for some reason at the time of the experience, knew exactly what to do even though he didn't know why or understand.
And the strangest thing that occured during this transfer was that while I was looking into his eyes (my ex), there was this distant and unfamiliar existence behind them. He wasn't who he was at the time, this I knew for sure, and that idea alone only kept me thinking and more curious about every idea I had ever learned or heard of.. Which of course, was then a bigger step: I was beginning a new transformation of thinking. I began to understand things so much deeper. It was as if I knew that these ideas were real, even though I had never experienced them or understood why I felt that they were real.

After that night of the transfer, my eyes were seeing so much clearer (the effect of the lifeforce =]), my mind was thinking faster, and my existence felt so much higher when I was surrounded by people.
My boyfriend and I went to school and felt like we were the high Priest and Priestess of the Peasants.. Haha. I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from, because I still feel that way. It was just new at the time. =]

This feeling lasted for days..

I felt like God, and nothing could hold me down from wearing the Godly Crown.
Haha.. Goddamn my ego..

Needless to say, and to shorten this passage up a bit, I went researching into other things.. Other ideas.. I basically took the foundations that had been introduced to me and went farther to other areas and of people that were like me.. I felt that I had to give into this temple by giving them money for new knowledge.. I wanted the knowledge to be free, and I felt it wrong to have to put in so much time and money into looking for new ideas when I could just research the ideas for myself, and for free. That's when I started my own journey into new ideas, new knowledge, and new useful abilities. I researched everything I could find or everything I wanted to know about on the internet and in books. Every new piece of information I learned about was constantly processed and thought about, and it seemed like it all just made sense. Of course, always keeping my "bullshit detector" on.

With this new knowledge, I said goodbye to the Temple and it's teachings. Though I will be honest that even though I have given them up and have basically refused to return, their teachings have never been false to me nor have they not been useful. I guess that's the idea that keeps me open still, even though I don't want any part of them.

My own paths have already gotten me so far.. I have used so much information and have been fascinated by all of it along the way. My transformation really amazed me, and it still does. From morphing my body by manipulation of life energy, to the constant answers that I receive metaphysically by constant process of thought, all of it has been useful and only continues my path.

I have had more transfers with others, and that has only heightened me. As well as conducted my own transfers with people that willingly let me do so.

Catalyst, is definitely the word to use when speaking of Us.

Every person that I have encountered along the way of my paths have been touched in some way or form by being around me. I have developed immense telepathy with people, and have also been a strong influence on every person that meets me.

People tell me about how great I am and how far I will go.
How for some reason, they love to hear me talk and that I always make them think about things they've never thought of or looked at differently.

I've even served as a real catalyst in some of my close friends' awakening.

As the time passes and we evolutionize(or de-evolutionize), I'm seeing more and more everyday that the bridges between the metaphysical and the physical are only continuing to connect. The widening of our species and our teachings is only continuing to spread as well. People are beginning to understand what fuels this physical existence and I believe that our human species will eventually, with time, "de-evolutionize" back into our roots..

We will once again roam the earth as Gods who can manipulate this reality to our own designs.

The movie "The Secret" has even verified this idea of the bridges being connected.

If you haven't seen it, go buy it. Find it. Don't question what it's about, just see it, and everything you've ever learned for yourself or maybe you're looking for new suggestions, watch the movie and more things will come clear.

The Universe is truly at our fingertips, and manipulating our way of thinking towards reality and with practice of this manipulation, we can and will control our own lives. It's all crystal clear to me now..

So! I believe I will now end this long biography.

At least you know a little more about me now.

I can't wait to read the responses from you all. =]

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obsidian phoenix: pic#51685750 cod3bleedsincretic on May 26th, 2007 11:59 pm (UTC)
which is part of why I wanted to start this group - origins and history.

Me and obelisk_9 are the same person. That's just a new journal.